Health Care / Agency Support

Research & Development

In addition to infrastructure investment, Danapha also pays great attention to high-quality human resources. Up to now, Danapha's research staff has chaired, co-chaired or coordinated to participate in many scientific research projects at all levels (Ministry level, Institute level, City level) and State-level pilot production projects. Beside actively investing in product research and development activities, Danapha also actively expands intensive research cooperation with major pharmaceutical companies in the world to apply advanced technology to domestic pharmaceutical production. This is Danapha's key strategy to create products with high gray matter content and outstanding treatment efficiency, contributing to raising the competitiveness of Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry in the world market

Field Operations

1. If you are a health professional, this is a summarized medicine administration guide. Please check the instruction card for full details
2. If you are a consumer, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.